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Brass Silicone Cushion Pad

Name: Brass Silicone Cushion Pad
Material: Oxygen-free copper wire and Silicone rubber
4*8ft 4*9ft 5*8f6*8f7*8ft...
Great anti-fatigue 
              High buffer performance
              Uniform heat transfer
              Heat resistance

We use imported silicone and copper wire, weaving with imported automatic weaving machine. It has good cushioning performance, uniform heat transfer, long service life and other characteristics. Product categories include: Red Copper Silicone Cushion Pad, Brass Copper Silicone Cushion Pad, Fiber Copper Silicone Cushion Pad, Mulit layer Pressing Special-purpose Cushion Pad, All copper Cushion Pad, Much Copper Cushion Pad... which used for pressing floor, particleboard, melamine pasted panels, wooden doors and furniture in hot press.

The silicone cushion pad is placed between the heating platen and press platen in hot press machine for transferring heating and buffering pressure so that it can make your melamine paper and substrate products  more close,uniform and smooth and extend the life of hot press machine.
Please clean the surface of the hot press first, do not leave any foreign matter, oil, other metal objects, warm up for 30 minutes according to work requirements, and then fix it around and put it into use.